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Recent catch on the Wolf River

Wolf River Fishing Report – April 27, 2022

I can tell you one thing…If the fishing wasn’t so good, there would be no way I would be out in this crappy weather.  What a terribly cold spring.  Water temps on the upper Wolf River are in the low to mid 50’s and the walleyes have finished spawning.  The females have been flushing out and headed back down

Recent catch on the Wolf River

the river towards the lakes.  Males are still hanging around and will continue to hang up near the marshes until the water lowers and all females are forced to leave.

Walleye: we have been doing very well dragging night crawlers on the long straight away sections of the river where you see the current steps. (washboard appearance)  Early mornings have been good on the sand bars on inside bends pumping hair jigs or on Dubuque rigs.  Some deeper holes are still holding fish during the mid day hours especially with the past week of cooler weather.  Vertical jigging a minnow on a 3/8 oz or 5/16 jig has been lights out.  Pink/white, Orange or green jigs have been my favorite.

The warm weather over the weekend help draw some whitebass up river.  I found good numbers of bass in the shallow trees from Redbanks all the way up to New London.  Side imaging was showing huge schools of fish on the shallow slow current sides of the river especially around downed trees.  Cast flys, jigs and plastics or spinners up into the pockets of fish for some guaranteed action.

Panfish are moving into the warmer bays and channels throughout the entire Winnebago system.  Bluegills, Perch and Crappies have all been biting very well on light tackle such as the Eurotackle Fat Assassin on a micro finesse soft lock jig.

May is pretty well booked up but if you’re looking for a trip, please get a hold of me and I’ll see what I can do.